What Our Client’s Are Saying About Us

When we bought our home, there were three units and all were in terrible working order. After our home warranty ran out, we quickly racked up a lot of repair bills to keep the units in running order. Several of the repair companies fixed a wide array of problems but the repairs never seemed to last. A little over a year ago we decided to replace one of the three units. After asking for recommendations from friends, we found Beau’s. As we discovered, they were very professional and knowledgeable. Once we selected a system and features, the crew was quick to turn our job around. We are Beau’s customers for life and we highly recommend them. They are professional, dependable, and all around great to work with!

Sheila KellerBeau’s Customer

I can’t believe how little you charged me fo the work and hours you spent repairing my A/C.  The unit cycles every hour and is working perfectly.  I am very grateful and appreciate your kindness.

Evelyn F.

Beau’s A/C is the BEST Air Conditioning and heating I have EVER used.  Tony (the owner) came to my house and looked at my unit.  He told me my unit needed to be replaced, but the issue was not immediate.  He found a great unit at a very reasonable price.  I had time to work out my finances and it was not a high pressure job.  Tony’s employees were professional and polite and did a great job (and NO MESS!).  I recommended them to my son also when he had an issue.  He too was extremely pleased.  I recommend Beaus’ A/C to everyone who has a heating or air conditioning issue.

Kathy B.

Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed my new A/C installation appointment. Your crew members are awesome! They worked really hard and as far as I can tell, they did a great job! It’s now 2pm and my thermostat is registering a very comfortable 76*.

You should be proud of the four young men who did the work. They were polite, respectful, professional and fun to have in my home. I was especially impressed by the way they worked together as a team to accomplish their goal and were willing to stay as long as necessary to get everything done. They all are a credit to you and your business!

Sharon H.