Repair & Maintenance

Our Repair Service

Even the best systems can experience problems after years of use. Beau’s is a fully licensed and insured in A/C repair and can service all your emergency needs. Our factory trained technicians are able to service all brands of equipment, from residential to commercial models, including electric heat, heat pumps, gas, and high efficient Geothermal systems.

Strange Noises

If your system has begun to make strange noises or more noise than usual, it may be a sign of a bigger problem. Often, a system will give small signs that things are not operating as they should and maintenance is needed. Loose parts, failing motors and compressors, and more can all start with a “strange noise”.

Restricted Air Flow

Restricted or weakened airflow could indicate something simple like a dirty filter, but it could be a bigger problem. If you change your air filter and still experience bad airflow to rooms or overall, its time to have your system checked.

There could be an issue in your duct work or a problem with your blower. The important thing to remember is that this is not a problem that will fix itself. Left uninvestigated, it may cause larger system problems and more costly repairs.

No Heat or Cold Air

The most noticeable sign of a problem with your unit is when it no longer heats or cools your home’s environment or runs for unusually extended periods of time. This could be in indication of low coolant, or leak, but it could be a much bigger problem. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it is time to have your system serviced. Fixing a seemingly small problem now can help to prevent larger more costly problems. The key is to have it checked immediately. Left unchecked, a symptom could be a sign of a much larger and more costly problem. Beau’s A/C can take care of your cooling and heating equipment no matter what brand. We can usually have you back up and running on the same day.

Preventative Maintenance

We always give you the cost of repair before any work is started. Our preventive maintenance agreement entitles you with two visits per year enabling us to inspect your equipment and keep your air conditioning and/or heater/furnace in tip-top-condition.

Why Choose A Preventative Maintenance Plan?

  • Energy Savings Proper adjustment, lubrication and servicing of your equipment to keep it trouble free and more efficient.
  • Reduced Repairs Many times our service technicians can spot minor problems before they become major problems for the homeowner.
  • Preferred Customer Receive priority dispatching whenever your equipment experience a problem.
  • Our #1 goal is to have your system up and operational as quickly as we can.
  • Discount on Repairs By having a preventive maintenance agreement you will automatically receive a 10% discount on repairs.
  • Competent Experts are always at your service The peace of mind knowing that competent, factory trained, dependable technicians are servicing your equipment.
  • Convenient Scheduling All service calls are scheduled at your conveniences, this includes Saturday servicing as well.

Needing Air or Heat Repair or Maintenance?

TTalk to one of our experts, give us a call at (985) 641-3963